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Thread: Fender Princeton Reverb 68

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    Default Fender Princeton Reverb 68

    Has anyone here used this amp? Can get one for cheap, I'm kinda curious about it.. I hear the speaker is a bit cheap, might upgrade it.
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    Any amp with a name for cheap is worth getting if only for flipping it around toward something you want more and gain the knowledge. My 2 cents get it enjoy for a bit and if you don't resell and consider trade ins

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    I'd say if it's cheap enough, go for it. I have also heard the stock Italian jensen speaker isn't the greatest...according to some. If it were me, I'd put a Weber 10F 150 speaker, same as I have in my vintage PR. To my ears, it sounds similar to the old American Jensens they put in the originals. I have not played the reissue, but I have a real 1968 Princeton Reverb I am enclosing a pic. I had a bunch of vintage Fenders, and this is the only one I've kept since my Nord Electro keyboard gets a lot of my practice time these days. The originals are a thing of low wattage beauty for Fender guys. If I were you, eventually I'd get a vintage one, it's a Fender you can keep for life. Even if Fender isn't your main sound, there's always room in a recording studio for a vintage Princeton Reverb.


    *We took the chassis out for inspection at Hal Petcher's Guitronics, the best vintage amp guy in San Francisco (while there I saw Jim Camplilongo having HIS blackface Princeton Reverb serviced-and he gigs with his). Hal and I confirmed these early drip edge Fenders are totally blackface circuitry often at a better price. I got mine on a good deal for around 1000 USD, the blackface would be twice that.
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    I have one (the re-issue with the mods) and love it. I think I can remember Ken singing its praises too.

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