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Thread: Got a new video out :)

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    Jaydee hahaha imagine a full board of those preamps... that's what I had worked on for 6months when I was 20. Ahh the good old days... with real vintage outboard.

    There's pretty good clone for less from BAE

    For mic I have a nice AKG already, but tempted to eventually pull the trigger on a Roswell MK47 which is a real gem.

    Also a Warm Audio WA76

    But before I can dream of all this I got to finish building my studio desk, just got the frame up last night.
    Started visiting hardware stores today for the rest of it... slow planning, baby steps and not rushing usually proves to get results I can live with for a long time. Hint I'm taking inspiration from a Langevin 1959 console...


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    There's a brand from Sweden making cheaper Neve preamp and EQ clones. They're called 'Golden Age Project'.

    The VoxBox is pretty cool, I tried the UAD plugin a couple times. Bit of a learning curve, but they make nice gear. I hear a lot of good stuff about Mojave too!

    Roswell is owned by the same guy as Microphone Parts. I upgraded two mics with their capsules, great gear as well. Really want to get some more cheap condensers to mod that way some time...
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    I know about Golden Age Project. The Bass player had one of those GAP 'Pre 73' pre amps in his home studio which he used for vocals and Bass DI. For some pretty short money, less than $400 (before modding with upgraded transformers it sounded pretty darn good. I wouldn't say Neve good, but as I say, for the dough, darn good.

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