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Thread: Barber Goodness x2

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    Default Barber Goodness x2

    So I grabbed a Direct Drive BUSS recently and been digging it a lot. Then today I brought home a Gain Changer... well shave my top knot and call me a barber fanboy! These pedals are excellent!

    That's no surprise to most folks who have tried Dave's pedals, but I am only drifting back after a few years because I'm drawn the smaller compact size. I had a few back in the day: both DDSS, DD mod pcb, Tone Press, Gainster and Launch Pad -ALL excellent.

    So the DD BUSS is 2 pedals in 1 and the SS side really does sound like what I remember from the other versions. Ya, you lose the flexibility of the trim pots, but I hated having to flip the pedal over and open it up to adjust them anyway. With the 3-position toggle there's enough options to keep it interesting. The higher harmonics works best with the SS side (no surprise) and hum buckers shine here.

    The BU side likes my single coil guitars better. I have no idea what a Dumble is supposed to sound like, could not tell you if it is in the ballpark but it's a great usable sound. Slightly better with the lower harmonics position.

    I don't really care for the most compressed setting on either side FWIW...

    Now the BUSS was giving my Cuda a run for its money! When splitting hairs, I find the real tube gets the edge once again with a more 3-D sound and the op amps give a stiffer feel. That's fine because I am really looking for a second pedal to complement my main dirt sound.

    Now the Gain Changer comes along and pretty much lives up to the hype! It sounds lower gain than the DD BUSS but louder on similar settings (and the high gain setting is no slouch!). It is also clearer overall, I have the impression that David came out with the LTD line to compete with the Tim/Timmy's of the world when people wanted less compression. I could be wrong...

    The best feature by far is the eq toggle with 3 really useful settings for when you want flat, mid hump or added bass. This covers a ton of ground as everyone has always said. It's just interesting to hear in person for the first time! When you add to that the 2 very legit gain settings and it's downright impressive how much ground this little pedal covers. I can honestly say that it does more well than any pedal I have tried ever. Then the beauty comes when stacking as this is an elusive acid test which divides the mice from the men ...or something like that?! My only point is that not all pedals stack well.

    Sure enough this puppy LOVES my Cuda! Yes, the DD BUSS is also great but the clarity of the GC combines with the beautiful tubiness so well. Is this enough glowing honeymoon gushing yet? Right now I don't think I can afford to keep both so it's looking like the BUSS might have to go and it pains me to even think about it... I did not expect the GC to be all that but initial impressions are that it very much is ...and a bag of chips too.
    -meedley meedley woooOOOo-

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    Back when I was first getting more into pedals over a decade ago, the original Barber Direct Drive and Tone Press compressor were 2 of the first pedals I bought, along with a Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz. The Tweak fuzz was crappy, but the other 2 have survived the test of time. Gain Changer sounds like a winner.

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