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Thread: Farewell and RIP Kekehashi-san

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    Default Farewell and RIP Kekehashi-san

    Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi was an engineer and the founder of Ace Tone, and Roland Japan, and a Grammy Award winner for being the co-founder (with Dave Smith Sequential Circuits) of MIDI. That's Musical Instrument Digital Interface. You can hook up many synthesizer keyboards or modules and trigger them from one controller keyboard (or MIDI guitar or wind controller). The guy literally is a legend. You're talking ground breaking Roland drum machines like the TR 808, effects like the Space Echo and CE 1 chorus and excellent synthesizer keyboards like the D 50 and so on. Oh...and there was an subsidiary of Roland, a pedal company called Boss you might have heard of. RIP Mr. Kekehasi-san.
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    Yep many don't know. But MIDI did a lot for us... still is and it's way easier to use then it was 35yrs ago... it's taken for granted nowadays. But it wasn't always the case.

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