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Thread: cool video about setting up your strat bridge

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    Default cool video about setting up your strat bridge

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    I go through phases with my guitars. Next time I'm in the mood to mess with my Strat, I might do that. I haven't adjusted that bridge in years. I do wacky experimental stuff with that Strat. At one point I had three pickguards, all equipped with solderless connectors. The guard with Fralin Blues Specials, and the one with the Harmonic Design V90 by itself, were both stolen last year. I have the one with a Fralin Real '54 neck and a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails bridge, still.

    I have a Tele 4 way switch wired to the bridge pickup, for either coil by itself, series, and parallel humbucking. The knobs are master volume, and special "blend" knobs I bought from Acme Guitar Works. At "10" that particular pickup is totally out of the circuit. The signal is not sent to ground, there just isn't any resistive material in the pot, at "10" so it's like it doesn't exist. "1" is full volume. This allows the neck pickup alone, or any setting of the bridge pickup alone, or the two blended to any degree, and regulated by a master volume. Feel free to copy that idea.

    Since I already have an experimental attitude toward that guitar, I might try the floating bridge thing. Thanks for posting that, Mike.
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