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Thread: Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rig

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    Default Acoustic-Electric Guitar Rig

    Okay, I have a Fishman undersaddle Piezo PU in my Larrivee. No onboard controls, etc. And I want to find a nice, preferrably 1 or 2 piece Rig for it.

    Does anybody make something that has:


    Volume Pedal



    And maybe some onboard EFX, like Chorus and or Delay

    Now, if I could run a Vocal Mic through it too, that would be a nice plus! But, that's not really a make or break part of what I need.


    I am NOT interested in another Amplifier of any sort. I want something to plug directly into a P.A., etc.

    About the only thing I've seen is something from ZOOM. And while I have often thought their stuff can sound pretty good, it often is built to a standard that I am not comfortable with for regular work. Plus, no one around my town has ZOOM stuff for me to check it out first hand.

    The Fishman AURA pedals look cool. But, no Volume Pedal,etc.

    So.......any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Hey, just wanted to chime in here which I have not done in a loooooong time.

    I have a Larravee acoustic as well and have a passive Schatten Design pickup with no onboard controls. For a preamp / DI I use the Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre. It is just a preamp so no vocal input or volume but does have an fx loop so you could add one in along with any other fx.

    I tried the Fishman Aura pedals and found they were good for picking but a bit muddy for strumming - I think the effect just gets in the way when your playing is "busy."

    Also, a plug here for Schatten pickups. I searched long and hard for a good acoustic pickup and Schatten had teh most natural sound. Inexpensive too!

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    I'll look up those pickups... might eventually consider the move toward a passive one.

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    I wasn't crazy about the Fishman Aura, but I do like the Baggs Venue--it has a tuner and a solo boost feature which works very nicely. No volume pedal or effects, but it does have a loop for your delay, etc. Very versatile, natural-sounding DI/pre-amp, very flexible, tweakable enough for almost any environment.
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    My main beef with most of the Swiss army knife-style acoustic-electric boxes (Baggs Para DI, Radial, etc.) is that the dialed EQ can't be bypassed via a stomp switch.

    I do have the little green ZOOM acoustic pedal with the expression pedal, which sounds surprisingly nice for the bucks. However, I have the same problem that I always do with most patch-scrolling preset boxes - dealing with volume variance between the different preset patches. That's an operator thing though, as plenty of folks get on just fine with this sort of format. It's possible to assign the expression pedal as volume for any patch, but that kinda takes the fun out of assigning it to control effects parameters in real time.

    For what it's worth, I've been doing acoustic-electric jobs on a weekly basis for nearly twenty years now. In this time I've been through a lot of gear, trial & error, and approaches. Ultimately, I've not been able to make any of the "do all" A/E boxes work for me. There's always been some sort of compromise that I've not been willing to work around. That said, I think the player looking to dial in for one instrument would have far more success than someone like myself that brings a variety of instruments to the job. I like having separate DI, boost/tone shaper, and tuner, although I realize you're looking to consolidate. I always seem to prefer a high quality dedicated DI with no tone shaping section. For instance, I like the signal that my Radial J48 DI supplies much more than the Baggs Para DI that I had. The Baggs PADI is a quality piece for sure, but not a good fit for my needs.

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