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Thread: Just got back from Montreal

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    Default Just got back from Montreal

    What a great city! Has a really good mix of new and old culture.
    If you go to the Old City neighborhood, you are surrounded by old stone buildings with cobblestone streets via the 17th Century.
    Dined in an outdoor cafe there, sipping a Cotes du Rhone and savoring an assortment of French cheeses.
    Took guided tours of gorgeous Notre Dame and inspirational Chapelle Notre-Dame-De-Bon-Secours.
    Climbed Mont Royal (Montreal's Central Park) in the middle of the city for a serious workout and an amazing view of the city below.
    Went to the Downtown nabe for a seriously gourmet dinner at Toqué.
    Learned all about local history at the McCord museum near beautiful McGill University.
    Rented an apartment in the Plateau nabe and hung out a lot on Blvd Saint-Laurent,
    which is full of restaurants and bars and music and culture.
    Caught bands playing at Barfly, La Sala Rosa and Casa del Popolo.
    Found two amazing guitar stores (Moog and Boutique).
    Great coffee, bread and (mmmm) desserts on nearly every block.
    Much less stress than NY, which I love with a passion but hey, it's nice to see how someone else does it so well.
    Sorry (for me) Ben and Nathan that I didn't look you guys up, but it was a brief 3.5 day jaunt with two other couples and time was ltd. I'll be back and will hit you guys up next time.

    Highly recommended if you like city vacations.
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    I've always wanted to have a look, francophile that I am.

    Everyone I know who's been had a great time, so it's on the to-do list-- just not in winter!

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    Man, I would have LOVED to hook up while you were. Still it's so nice to have a positive review of the city I grew up in. I was scared you might complain about our famous crumbling infrastructure or aggressive drivers. Looks like you did right in selecting your activities too! I probably couldn't have given you a better tour myself. But yes, do avoid winter at all cost unless you like to ski/snowboard! If you do, we're close no numerous hills within 2 hours drive. You also missed the jazz festival and guitar show by a month! Anyway thanks for posting and thanks for visiting! Come on back if you're so inclined
    -meedley meedley woooOOOo-

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    Montreal was always the city of choice since it's not too bad of a drive from NYC and you could eat like a king for not a lot of dough. Of course that was back in the 90's. The record shopping was always pretty good and I remember this one store that "specialized" in cassettes. Although the prices he was charging made it a no buy. Probably my favorite eats was the charcuterie joints and one place in particular run by a couple of old Jewish guys that reminded me of Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side in NY. Sounds like you had a great trip.

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    Woudl have loved to hook up and meet. Mind you I was busy over my head in rebuilding the kid's bedroom so you're forgiven

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