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Thread: BSIAB II Pedal-Builder

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    Default BSIAB II Pedal-Builder

    I looking for someone who can build me a BSIAB II pedal,i will supply the parts-kit and what would the cost be thanks.....

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    I wanted the same not long ago. I went DIY. I could do it for you, but I actually wont, since I do it for myself, and you could have something better if you A) DIY or B) bought it from a good builder.

    I say all that to say, just buy a CMATMODs Brownie. http://www.cmatmods.com/brownie.html

    It IS a BSIAB II, and in a pretty box, too. You can e-mail Ed Guidry (via many forums on the internet), the designer, and he will confirm that himself.

    Chad @ CMATMODS is charging $135 for the thing. That's super affordable. And at that price, even if you wanted mods from someone after you got it (Chad might do some mods and charge you more if you knew what you wanted, but maybe not) you'd still be in good shape, price-wise. The stock Circuit is a fine pedal for many, even.

    If any DIY guy built one for you, he'd hardly make a profit compared to that price, let alone lower. It would have to be someone building it for you a favor, or someone with no business sense.

    If you still won't take no for an answer, go to DIYstompboxes and post. Or ask John Lyons, a core member there, directly through his page here: http://www.basicaudio.net/ He can give you a fair price. Or, go to the BYOC forum and post in an approriate place -- many of those guys adore doing paint-by number pedals for people. Don't assume it will have good build quality or it look nice on the inside, or be reliable unless you get a CMATMODS or a guy like John Lyons to do it, however.
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    Default Bsiab ii

    Hello I am a DIY pedal builder and modder who has built quite a few BSIAB II 's from scratch. I use switchcraft jacks Davies knobs, 1% metal resistors for low noise and acuracy. I also use panasonic caps and true bypass wiring. I can build you one from a kit that you provide for $60.

    ... or i can build you one from scratch with all of the features I provided earlier including a powdercoated enclosure and a superbright LED in your choice of color or for an additional fee I can install a "Fender" style Jeweled lamp in your choice of color as well. The cost for this Custom built pedal would be $115.

    Let me know if I can earn your business or if you just need help building one your self. I'd be glad to help


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